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Grants :


"mplementation of Multi-GPU Based Distributed Neural Network for Humanoid Robot Control and Evolutionary Optimization Using Genetic Programming," National Research Foundation of Korea, May 2009~April 2010, PI

 "Moving Objects Recognition and Intelligent Walking for Quadruped Robots based on Genetic Programming", Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity, July 2009~December 2009, PI

"Multi-Tree Genetic Programming Based Heterogeneous Representation and Evolution for Cooperative Behavior of Heterogeneous Mobile Multi Robots," Korea Research Foundation, August 2007~July 2009, PI

"Genetic Programming Based Design Methodology for Topology/parameter Optimization and Automatic Gait Generation for Quadruped Robot," Korea Research Foundation, July 2006~ June 2009, PI

"Bond Graph/Genetic Programming Based Automated Design Methodology for Multi-Energy Domain Dynamic Systems, " Korea Research Foundation, December 2005~November 2006, PI

"Automated Design of Mechatronic Systems Using Bond Graphs and Genetic Programming, " NSF(National Science Foundation), USA, August 2000~ July 2003, Co-PI