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Research Area

Intelligent Robotics, Evolutionary Robotics

Automatic Gait Generation for Quadruped Robot
Automatic Gait and Motion Generation for Humanoid Robot
Evolutionary Feature Detection
NEAT(Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies) based Robot Controller
CPG based Locomotion

Evolutionary Computation

Genetic Programming
Genetic Algorithms
Evolutionary Strategy
HFC(Hierarchical Fair Competition)
Topology/Parameter Simultaneous Optimization
Memetic Algorithm

Bond Graph

Modeling and Analysis
Multi-domain System Design

Research Group

GARAGe(Genetic Algorithms Research and Applications Group)


"mplementation of Multi-GPU Based Distributed Neural Network for Humanoid Robot Control and Evolutionary Optimization Using Genetic Programming," National Research Foundation of Korea, May 2009~April 2010, PI

"Moving Objects Recognition and Intelligent Walking for Quadruped Robots based on Genetic Programming", Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity, July 2009~December 2009, PI

"Multi-Tree Genetic Programming Based Heterogeneous Representation and Evolution for Cooperative Behavior of Heterogeneous Mobile Multi Robots," Korea Research Foundation, August 2007~July 2009, PI

"Genetic Programming Based Design Methodology for Topology/parameter Optimization and Automatic Gait Generation for Quadruped Robot," Korea Research Foundation, July 2006~ June 2009, PI

"Bond Graph/Genetic Programming Based Automated Design Methodology for Multi-Energy Domain Dynamic Systems, " Korea Research Foundation, December 2005~November 2006, PI

"Automated Design of Mechatronic Systems Using Bond Graphs and Genetic Programming, " NSF(National Science Foundation), USA, August 2000~ July 2003, Co-PI