Research Area

Deep Learning based Recognition and Modeling

딥러닝 (Transformer) 기반 사람 재식별 (Re-identification)
딥러닝 (Transformer) 기반 스케치 인식
확장된 지식 증류 (Knowledge Distillation)
딥러닝 (CNN) 기반 결함검사
딥러닝 (CNN) 기반 물체인식
DNN 및 CNN의 필터 최적화 (Pruning)
LSTM 기반 동풍 예측

Fuzzy Neural Networks based Modeling

CNN 기반 Fuzzy Neural Networks
FRBFNN (Fuzzy Radial Basis Function Neural Networks) 기반 모델링
Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
F-transform based robust estimators

Evolutionary Algorithm based Detecttion and Modeling

Genetic Programming 기반 온도/호우/풍속 예측
진화연산 기반 코너점 검출
진화연산 기반 컬러 검출

Intelligent Robotics, Evolutionary Robotics

Automatic Gait Generation for Quadruped Robot
Automatic Gait and Motion Generation for Humanoid Robot
Evolutionary Feature Detection
CPG based Locomotion

Evolutionary Computation

Genetic Programming
Genetic Algorithms
Evolutionary Strategy
HFC(Hierarchical Fair Competition)
Topology/Parameter Simultaneous Optimization
Memetic Algorithm

Bond Graph

Modeling and Analysis
Multi-domain System Design

Research Group

GARAGe(Genetic Algorithms Research and Applications Group)